5 th FINA World Men’s Water Polo Development Trophy 2015


Rules & Regulations

Version April 20, 2015



Tehran (IRI)



Arrival date teams: May 22, 2015

Technical Meeting: May 23, 2015

Competition dates: May 24-29, 2015

Departure date teams: May 30, 2015



1. The competition shall be between a maximum of twelve (12) teams selected through continental qualification tournaments, continental championships or subcontinental competitions in the following manner:

2. The twelve (12) teams from the nominated continents shall be selected according to the following formula: Africa – 2, Americas – 4, Asia – 4 and Europe – 2. The Host Country will be considered a representative from that continent. For subsequent editions the formula will rotate according to the availability of teams

3. The nominated teams from the continental qualification tournament, continental championships or sub-continental competitions shall be entitled to represent that continent; if any teams do not accept, then the next nominated team from that continent willing to accept shall qualify.

4. If there is an unfilled vacancy from a continent, then that vacancy shall be filled by the next nominated team(s) from the continental qualification tournament, Continental Championships or Sub-Continental Competitions with the following rotation: Host Continent of the Development Trophy Tournament, Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe.



There will be seven (6) days of competition.

The competition system will be an abbreviated Olympic Games Programme as identified in FINA BL with two (2) groups of six (6) teams playing a single round robin in each group. The final round will be using an abbreviated formula with the first ranked team in each group playing each other for first and second placing, the second ranked team in each group playing each other for third and fourth placing...and so on.



Group A Group B
A1 Africa B1 Africa
A2 Europe B2 Europe
A3 Americas B3 Americas
A4 Americas B4 Americas
A5 Asia B5  Asia
A6 Asia B6 Asia


Competition Schedule

Preliminary Round – Day 1

Game 1 A1 – A6 Game 4 B1 – B6
Game 2 A3 – A4 Game 5 B3 – B4
Game 3 A2 – A5 Game 6 B2 – B5


Preliminary Round – Day 2

Game 7 B6 – B4 Game 10 A6 – A4
Game 8 B5 – B3 Game 11 A5 – A3
Game 9 B1 – B2 Game 12 A1 – A2


Preliminary Round – Day 3

Game 13 A4 – A5 Game 16 B4 – B5
Game 14 A2 – A6 Game 17 B2 – B6
Game 15 A3 – A1 Game 18 B3 – B1


Preliminary Round – Day 4

Game 19 B6 – B5 Game 22 A6 – A5
Game 20 B1 – B4 Game 23 A1 – A4
Game 21 B2 – B3 Game 24 A1 – A4


Preliminary Round – Day 5

Game 25 A3 – A6 Game 28 B3 – B6
Game 26 A4 – A2 Game 29 B4 – B2
Game 27 A1 – A5 Game 30 B1 – B5


Final Round – Day 6

Game 31 6 th Group A – 6 th Group B (Winner 11th, Loser 12th)
Game 32  5 th Group A – 5 th Group B (Winner 9th, Loser 10th)
Game 33 4 th Group A – 4 th Group B (Winner 7th, Loser 8th)
Game 34 3 rd Group A – 3 rd Group B (Winner 5th, Loser 6th)
Game 35 2 nd Group A – 2 nd Group B (Winner 3rd, Loser 4th)
Game 36 1 st Group A – 1 st Group B (Winner 1st, Loser 2nd)


Games 31 through 36 must be played to a conclusion; accordingly it may be necessary to apply the Water Polo Rules for Penalty Shootout.

Please note that the Management Committee of FINA Competitions may change the order and schedule of games to meet with the requirements of the Host Federation and/or television.



A Team Delegation consists of 17 persons (13 players, 3 team officials and 1 referee)


Travel Assistance:

FINA will provide travel expenses for the participants (excluding the Host Country) for no more than 17 persons as follows:

- USD 500.-/ per person for all teams from the Host Continent
- USD 1000.-/per person for all teams from other Continents



The Host National Federation (HNF) will cover all accommodation expenses for each team for no more than 17 persons, for a period of nine (9) days.

For the Officials: (6 FINA Delegates, 1 TV coordinator, 1 FINA Marketing Agent, 1 Doping Control Delegate, 4 Neutral Referees) the HNF will cover the expenses for board and lodging in single rooms in a first class hotel.



Quantity and quality must be guaranteed 3 times per day



Each team is requested to nominate a Referee from the FINA Water Polo Referees List who will officiate in the event. The referee must be submitted to the FINA TWPC Commission for approval. The organising National Federation must cover the expenses related to the accommodation and meals of the Referees with the Team.

Neutral Referees will be nominated by the FINA TWPC Commission. The organising National Federation must cover the expenses related to the accommodation and meals of the Neutral Referees. FINA will cover the travel expenses (economy fare).



Delegates will be nominated by FINA. The organising National Federation must cover the expenses related to the accommodation and meals of the Delegates. FINA will cover the travel expenses (economy fare).


Doping Control Testing

› A minimum of twelve (12) urine tests must be conducted during the competition. FINA may notify the HNF if blood tests are necessary.

› Samples shall be analysed in a WADA-accredited laboratory and the laboratory must be request to forward the analytical results directly to the FINA Office.

› The original doping control forms shall be sent to FINA Office after the event by post mail.


TV Broadcasting:

TV production may be provided by HNF in accordance with the FINA TV Guidelines

› Minimum level of TV production

› Minimum number of cameras

› Graphics package in English

› Programme format and running order

› Provision of commentary positions and bookings for other TV rights holders, as required


Public Relations:

› The HNF must appoint a Public Relations Manager who must co-operate closely with the Press & Communications Director to ensure the best possible promotion of the event in the host country

› The Public Relations Manager will also act as the liaison with the VIPs, city authorities and sponsors


Milestones Organisers:

Three (3) months before the competition:

› Send the “Information Bulletin” to the FINA Office for approval by the FINA TWPC Commission.

» City, address, name of the venue

» Time

» Arrival airport from where transportation is organised

» Hotels for teams and delegates

» Anti-Doping procedure

» Match schedule

Once the Information Bulletin is approved it will be published on the FINA Website. Send it to all competing teams, delegates and referees.

Following the competition:

› Immediately send results, game sheets, review and photos to the FINA Office (waterpolo@fina.org), Press (press@fina.org) & Web (web@fina.org)

FINA Office

Office Ms. Mirjam HELLER (waterpolo@fina.org)
Coordinator Water Polo
Chemin de Messidor 5-7
1005 Lausanne
Communications Mr. Pedro ADREGA (press@fina.org)
Head of FINA Communications Department
Anti-Doping Mr. Johan LEFEBVRE (antidoping@fina.org)
FINA Anti-Doping Department