1.1 The FINA Bureau approves the organisation of the FINA/HOSA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup series 2014-2017 (“Series”). The Series is an annually staged elite level competition. 

1.2 FINA owns all rights in the Series and its Events except where granted to the HMF as set out in the staging agreement between FINA and the HMF 

1.3 The Series will consist of a number of competitions (“Events”), staged by Organising Committees (“OC’s) under the recognition of host National FINA-Member Federations (“HMF’s”) and staged throughout the year on dates to be approved by FINA. 

1.4 The HMF of each Event shall enter into a staging agreement with FINA for the period 2014-2017 inclusive. 

1.5 The HMF of each Event shall cover all Event organisation costs including the competition venue, organisation, safety plan, staff and officials, press facilities, TV broadcast, all secretarial services and all other operational costs incurred in organising the Event. 

1.6 If an HMF withdraws from organising the Events at any time after signature of the staging agreement with FINA, then the HMF shall pay to FINA a fee of US$10’000 for each Event not staged in the period 2014-2017, which shall be used for the overall prize money. All Series Events will be conducted according to FINA Rules and Regulations and the FINA Open Water Swimming Manual 2015 Edition. 

1.7 The Series shall be open to all FINA affiliated Federations. 

1.8 The HMF/OC of each Event shall organise one or more open races, with entry open to any participants. All open races shall be held prior to the FINA/HOSA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup Race. Such open races shall serve to encourage and increase grassroots participation in Open Water Swimming. 



The HMF/OC shall: 

  •  Comply with and conduct the Event in accordance with the FINA Constitution and all FINA Rules and Regulations, handbooks (“FINA Rules”), FINA Safety Regulations (see Annex 1) and the FINA OWS Manual 2013 Edition; the instructions and directions of the FINA Technical Delegate and the FINA Safety Delegate, including those instructions relating to security, accommodation, transportation, accreditation, doping control, competition facilities, marketing, television, media, medical, hospitality and protocol and; to submit all arrangements for the Event to FINA no later than 4 months before the Event for FINA’s approval. 
  • Present the Event to the highest possible standard and undertake a promotion campaign to promote it to the widest possible audience locally, regionally and nationally with the host country. 
  • Use its best endeavours to ensure that its national Government provides guarantees that it shall respect the FINA Rules (including the provisions relating to free access to the Event host country for all accredited persons on the basis of a passport (or equivalent) and submit such guarantee in writing to FINA.  



3.1 Course: All Series Events must be for a race distance of 10km. The course may be fresh-water (e.g. lake, reservoir, rowing course, river), or saltwater (sea). All competition facilities shall be in compliance with the relevant FINA Rules 

3.2 Water Quality: Please refer to Annex 1, Point 4.6 Local Suitability Certificate, including Water Quality: FINA OPEN WATER SAFETY REGULATIONS. 

3.3 Water Temperature: Please refer to Annex 1, Point 4.7 Water Temperature: FINA OPEN WATER SAFETY REGULATIONS. 

3.4 Training venue: free use of a suitable swimming pool and open water training venue shall be made available for four (4) days prior to the Event. Please refer to Annex 1, Point 4.9 Safety During Training, Pre-Race Warm Up And Post-Race Warm Down: FINA OPEN WATER SAFETY REGULATIONS. 

3.5 Facilities: The following facilities are to be provided in addition to those given for the Start and Finish areas: 

- a suitable boat for each Race Referee to be used and directed entirely at the Referee’s discretion; 

- transport to take all Turn Judges to their allocated positions, swimmers representatives to the feeding platform/s and to retrieve them immediately after the last swimmer has passed or upon the Referee declaring the competitions closed; 

- a suitable boat to allow VIPs to view the competition; 

- a suitable feeding platform/s in accordance with OWS 5.8. Such platform shall be of sufficient size to allow the area to function correctly and safely with the required number of Race Judge/s and Swimmer’s Representatives present; 


(Note: where possible a feeding platform should be located close to the finish area) 

- a suitable lead boat that will maintain a position approximately 100 metres ahead of the leading swimmer; 

- a supply boat to provide food and refreshments to all boat occupants throughout the race. 


The basic race information made available to all in the Information Bulletin should include: 

  • When: DCAS - Detailed Competition Activity Schedule 
  • Where: location, direction and maps; 
  • Refreshments: arrangements in place communicated to competitors prior to their arrival at the event; 
  • How much: entry fee; 
  • Health and safety information: special local conditions, water temperature, anticipated water conditions (tides, currents, jelly fish etc.) 
  • Format: river, lake, rowing course or open water swims, wave starts 
  • Result: distribution, when, where; 
  • Disclaimers: place a disclaimer on the entry form; 

3.6 Safety: Please refer to Annex 1: FINA OPEN WATER SAFETY REGULATIONS. 

3.7 Spectators: The Event venue should offer spectators the best possible opportunity to follow the competition throughout its course. 

3.8 Finish Video System: The HMF/OC shall, in accordance with FINA Rule OWS7.2, provide a video system to record the race finish with sufficient size and clarity with slow motion and, to make the recording available to the Technical Officials at the Event venue immediately after the race. 

3.9 The HMF/OC shall in accordance with the FINA OWS Rules 7.2.1 and 7.2.2 provide the microchip transponder technology and microchip transponder timing technology to be recorded officially in tenths of seconds. GPS technology if available should be used. 

3.10 Stopwatches: The HMF/OC shall, in accordance with OWS 3.16, ensure at least three (3) printing stopwatches are provided by the timing partner or HMF/OC. 

3.11 Timing Partner Facilities & Services: The HMF/OC is responsible for securing the provision of both the time-keeping and results/information services from a Timing Partner to be approved by FINA, if not appointed by FINA. 

The HMF/OC shall at its own cost, provide any Series/Event Timing Partner with the following facilities and services: 

  • Customs Clearance & Fees: assisting the Timing Partner with respect to customs clearance, and shall be responsible for any fees or taxes imposed on the Timing Partner for the temporary importation of its equipment for the Event. 
  • Equipment / Storage Space: the necessary space (that can be locked) at the Venue for the installation of the equipment needed for the fulfilment of the services of the Timing Partner, as well as any necessary storage space. 
  • Local Equipment Transportation: local transportation before, during and after the Event for the moving of equipment to and from various sites, as well as all assistance with the loading and unloading of vehicles. 
  • Connections: all necessary connections and cabling as required by the Timing Partner, HB, media and others, as to be agreed between the parties. 
  • Furnishings: the necessary tables, chairs, and the like for the satisfactory installation and operation of the Timing Partner’s equipment in a lockable Timing Control room. The HMF/OC shall provide the Timing Partner’s staff with a key for their use. 
  • Electrical Power: the necessary electrical power (if possible 220VAC, 16 AMP and 50 AMP) and power outlets sufficient to provide the services required. 
  • Working Conditions: Maintain the Timing Partner working areas at 20°C (+/- 2°C). 
  • Project Co-ordinator: appoint an English-speaking person to act as a project co-ordinator to work with the Timing Partner’s personnel before and during the Event. 
  • Security Personnel: provide a security service to ensure that no unauthorised persons have access to the television and Technical Sponsors’ equipment. Security must be provided 24 hours a day at all places where equipment is installed. 

3.12 Media Facilities: The HMF/OC shall provide suitable media facilities and procedures for press and photographers in compliance with the FINA Media Guide. 

3.13 Insurance Requirements: The HMF/OC shall secure and maintain, at their own cost, an adequate General Liability Insurance policy with a well recognized and financially secure insurance company covering the risks related to the hosting and staging of the Event. The Policy shall include but not be limited to the following coverages: Third Party Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability. 

  • Personal and Advertising injury 
  • Participant Legal Liability 
  • Contractual Liability 
  • Products and completed operations 
  • Tenant’s Legal Liability 
  • Non Owned Automobile Insurance 


The insured value should be not less than USD 500,000.00 (or equivalent in local currency). 

FINA has the right to approve such insurance, the insurance company and has to be showed as Additional Named Insured on the relevant policy. 

IMPORTANT: The HMF/OC should provide a Certificate of Insurance two weeks before the inception of the Event. 

3.14 VIP Lounge: The HMF/OC shall provide a fully furnished, decorated and catered VIP lounge at the Venue, for its own guests and guests of FINA, the Teams, Sponsors and other guests. 

3.15 Open Race: The HMF/OC shall organize one or more open races, with entry open to any participants. All open races shall be held prior to the FINA/HOSA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup races. Such open races will serve a number of purposes, including to encourage and increase participation in Open Water Swimming, provide the OC with a source of revenue from entry fees, provide an opportunity for the Event officials and equipment to be tested prior to the Series race, and to generally facilitate a means to increase the profile of each Event. 


4.1 Entries: Entries will be accepted only from National FINA Member Federations which must also enter a coach for each respective swimmer. A coach can be responsible only for up to two swimmers. The role of the coach is to represent the swimmer at the Technical Meeting, coach the swimmer during the practice, and most importantly, feed the swimmer during the event. The FINA Technical Delegate together with the Chief Referee will accept entries and register only swimmers accompanied by the respective coach who is in charge of swimmer recognition during the race. A swimmer without a coach present will not be allowed to start the race. 

 It is standard for registration to: 

  • Check disclaimer is signed 
  • Check competitor against list of entrants to determine starters, etc.; 
  • Issue race numbers; 
  • Check competitor information is correct; 
  • Check the presence of the nominated coach 

4.2 Invitations: The HMF/OC must send invitations to: 

  • The first 5 men and the first 5 women classified in the 10km competitions at the previous year’s FINA World Championships and, if applicable, the previous year’s Olympic Games. 
  • The first 5 men and the first 5 women classified from the previous year’s Series. 
  • At least one male and one female woman from each of the HMF’s of the Series. 

 Each National Federation that has entered one or more swimmers in an Event must also have at least one representative (e.g. team leader, coach) present. 

4.3 Entry Forms: The HMF/OC shall only use the standard entry form in their information bulletin as provided by the FINA Office 

4.4 Information Bulletin: The HMF/OC shall publish an information bulletin (including entry forms, official hotel and transportation information, venue and course information, prize money distribution, etc.) to all FINA Member Federations and FINA at least 3 months prior to the race. 

4.5 Swimmer Withdrawal: If any swimmer entered by his/her national federation subsequently withdraws, is withdrawn or otherwise does not participate in the Event at any time during the 14 days prior to the Event without extraordinary reasons or without providing FINA with the necessary evidence in writing, then the national federation concerned shall pay a penalty fee of US$500 to the HMF/OC to cover any costs incurred by the late withdrawal of the swimmer. 

4.6 Technical Meeting (Managers/Representatives Meeting): The HMF/OC shall organise a Technical Meeting (Managers/Representatives Meeting) on the day before the first day of competition of the Event, not later than 17:00. The FINA Technical Delegate shall chair this meeting. The agenda will be as follows: 

 Welcome and Introduction 

o Roll Call of Athletes 

  • Requirement to nominate a coach for each swimmer on the form available. 
  • The coach to present themselves at the Athlete Check-in before the race. 
  • A coach can be responsible for up to two swimmers 
  • A swimmer without a coach will not be allowed to start the race 
  • Nomination of a coach to check the water temperature. 

o Swimwear 

  • Only swimsuits from the FINA approved list can be worn 

o Course Overview – outline of the course by the HMF/OC 

  • Explanation of the course 
  • Identification of any hazards on the course 
  • Where the course boundaries are marked by ropes & buoys, swimmers must stay within the course for the duration of the race, including the finish channel 
  • Advise on the details of Leader Boat/Kayak if any 
  • Feeding pontoon.
    - Coaches must follow the instructions of the official responsible for management of the platform and when not feeding a swimmer under their responsibility they are asked to move back from the course. Refer to rule OWS 6.3.2.
    - Access to Feeding Pontoon will be restricted to the approved coaches as listed. 
  • At the finish of the race swimmers must immediately exit the finish area to ensure unobstructed access to the finish for swimmers still arriving

o Safety Procedures: Please refer to Annex 1, Point 4.1 Technical Meeting: FINA OPEN WATER SAFETY REGULATIONS.
o Doping Control

  • Doping control station location
  • Arrangements will be made for any athlete that needs time to fulfil doping obligations

o Race Day timelines – HMF/OC
o Protest Procedure

  • As per FINA Rule GR9.2 
  • The Protest must be initially submitted to the Referee for consideration
  • The Protest fee is Swiss Francs 100
  • The Jury of Appeal is
    - FINA Technical Delegate (Chair) and FINA Safety Delegate
    - President of representative of the organizing Swimming Federation


4.7 Event Programme: Each Event will comprise of separate races for Men and Women, staged on 1 day. The FINA Technical Delegate and FINA Safety Delegate will decide on the start of the race. If the entries are not higher than 50 swimmers for Men or for Women there will be one start for the Men’s race and one start for the Women’s race For races of more than 50 swimmers the FINA Delegates shall have the discretion to split the start of the race. The order of starts for the swimmers will be designated based on the FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup Rankings of the previous year. The swimmers who did not participate previously at this event will be in the last start.

4.8 Points System: In each Event, points will be awarded to the swimmers depending upon their race finishing position.Swimmers may accumulate points at each Event in which they participate and finish, with their total points counting towards the overall final rankings for each year.

4.9 Points Distribution: The points awarded for both the men’s and women’s races at each Event will be as follows:

Race Finish Position Points*
1 st 20
2 nd 18
3 rd 16
4 th 14
5 th 12
6 th 10
7 th 8
8 th 6
9 th 4
10th 3
All other race finishers 2

Any swimmers who do not finish the race or who are disqualified will receive zero (0) points.

Any swimmers who the Technical Officials have reason to believe have colluded and/or agreed to finish with a tie, will be subject to disqualification.

To provide fairness to all competitors in the calculation of 2015 series points for the FINA/Hosa 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup: Those swimmers competing in the 10km Marathon Swimming event at the 2015 FINA World Championships or the FINA/Hosa 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup events occurring across the period of the World Championships* shall have their best single performance counted towards overall series points.

* 23 July 2015 - Lac St. Jean, CAN

8 August 2015 - Lac Mégantic, CAN


5.1 FINA Representatives: For each Event, FINA will nominate a Technical Delegate, Medical Delegate, a Safety Delegate and/or a member of FINA Staff. FINA may also appoint a Series Managing Director to attend the Event. FINA will cover their travel expenses to and from the Events. Each HMF will be responsible for all accommodation, meals and local transportation costs of these FINA Representatives as set out herein.

5.2 Technical Delegate: The Technical Delegate shall

  • ensure that the FINA Rules and Regulations (Open Water Swimming Manual 2013 Edition) are applied and respected;
  • check the entries to ensure the Federations have approved them;
  • Meet with the HMF/OC at least three days prior to the Event to ensure arrangements are in accordance with the Rules and Regulations, and event guidelines
  • chair the Technical Meeting (Managers/Representatives Meeting)
  • advise the athletes of the FINA rules to be applied in case of presenting a protest (FINA Rule GR9.2) and jury of appeal (FINA Rule GR9.3).
  • check the presence of swimmers and their coaches.
  • ensure that the information about the course, the safety and the Finish is given in a clear and sufficient form.
  • ensure that the Referees, the Safety Officer, the FINA Medical Delegate, the Medical Officer are also present.
  • submit a written report to FINA within 24 hours of the end of the Event, covering the administration and conduct of the Event, including the official hotels, meals and dining facilities, transportation, Venue and competition facilities, protocol, marketing, etc., according to contents specified by TOWSC Commission; and
  • ensure that the HMF/OC send the complete results by fax (+41-21-312-66-10) and e-mail (press@fina.org and web@fina.org) to the FINA Office immediately after each Event race.
  • organise 10 photos to be sent to the FINA Communication Department (press@fina.org) with a small publishable text, immediately after the completion of the event.

5.3 Safety Delegate: The Safety Delegate must:


  • chair the Safety Meeting
  • meet with the HMF/OC at least three days prior to the Event to ensure that the safety plan is in accordance with the Rules and Regulations, and event guidelines
  • ensure that enough qualified people are available to follow the race
  • ask for additional water craft (kayaks jet-ski, paddle board etc.) if the course is a circuit, where not too many boats are allowed to follow the race
  • ensure with the Safety Officer and the FINA Medical Delegate that ambulances and medical people are ready near to the course


5.4 Medical Delegate: The duties of the Medical Delegate shall include:

  • Liaising with the FINA Safety Delegate, FINA TOWSC Delegate and local Medical Officer to provide a safe a competitive venu
  • The FINA Medical Delegate shall liaise with the local Medical Officer and FINA Safety Officer to confirm the conditions are acceptable to conduct the competition, including checking factors such as aquatic flora and fauna, currents, boat traffic and temperature which may make conditions hazardous
  • The FINA Medical Delegate is responsible for oversight of all of the medical aspects of the competition liaising with the local Medical Officer. This includes the bylaws and regulations for FINA events, which specify medical responsibilities that need to be observed in the organisation of Open Water Swimming events
  • Oversight and approval of the local Medical Officer’s emergency evacuation plan, coordination of health care between the on water and land based health care systems to include emergency transport and hospital care
  • Oversight of the provision of an adequate number of medical personnel are available and that their positioning on the training and race course is appropriate
  • Oversight of the water quality results prior to arrival at the competition site, as well as on competition day, according to The World Health Organization (WHO) standards
  • Participation with the FINA Safety Delegate in the measurement of water temperature taken on the day of the event to assure compliance with FINA guidelines
  • Presentation of the Medical and Doping Control programmes at the FINA Technical Meeting
  • Liaising with the Event hot and the local Doping Control Officer to establish a suitable
  • Doping Control Station in accordance with FINA standards.
  • Participation in the random draw with the local Doping Control Officer for the selection of athletes to be tested based upon FINA protocol.
  • Participation with the local Doping Control Officer in the orientation of the doping control chaperones, as well as positioning them in appropriate position near the finish line to facilitate notification
  • Submitting a detailed report on all medical aspects of the FINA event, together with any recommendations for improvement of medical and doping control programs at future FINA events

5.5 Referee: The HMF/OC of each Event shall ensure that for each Event race (men and women), a Referee from a current FINA Open Water Swimming Officials List is appointed and present for the race and the Managers representatives meeting.

5.6 Technical Officials: The HMF shall appoint/approve the Technical Officials for each Event, and all other officials, marshals and other persons required shall be recruited and appointed by the OC.

5.7 Technical Officials Seminar: The HMF shall organize an Open Water Swimming Officials seminar with the participation of all of the appointed officials, on the day prior to the race. This seminar will be conducted by the FINA Technical Delegate.

5.8 FINA Office: The HMF/OC shall provide an office at the venue or official hotel for use by the FINA Delegates and FINA representatives, with a computer, internet connection, a photocopier and printer, and a suitable number of chairs and desks.


6.1 The doping control measures at the Event will be organised and implemented according to FINA Rules, and overseen by the FINA Doping Control Delegate.

6.2 The HMF/OC shall designate a qualified doping control/medical officer and co-operate fully with the FINA Medical Delegate in conducting the doping control tests at the Event in accordance with FINA Rules.

6.3 The HMF/OC shall cover the cost of the doping control measures, with a minimum of 2 tests for Men and 2 tests for Women, and the analysis will be made at the WADA recognised laboratory in the host country, or as agreed with FINA

6.4 The HMF/OC shall inform FINA at least 30 days prior to the Event which type of doping control kit will be used. (i.e. Berlinger, Versapak).

6.5 The HMF/OC shall provide the chaperones to assist in the implementation of doping control measures.


7.1 The HMF/OC shall provide the following First Aid, and Medical Services:

  • Appointment of a suitable qualified Event medical officer/doctor.
  • Free medical service for all competitors and officials at the Event venue.
  • Information on first aid facilities at the official hotels.
  • Ambulance on permanent standby at the competition/training venue.
  • Designation of a local hospital and provision of information to teams on local doctors, pharmacies, dentists, etc.
  • Facilities for Massage services at the Event venue.
  • Please refer to Annex 1, 4.8 Medical Service: FINA OPEN WATER SAFETY REGULATIONS.


8.1 International Marketing Rights: FINA retains all rights to exploit the International marketing Rights to the Series, which means the following:


  • OWS title and presenting partnership/sponsorship rights;
  • all sponsorship and merchandising rights to the swimwear, sports clothing and swimming accessory category, which FINA has granted to HOSA; and
  • all sponsorship and merchandising rights to the timing and data-processing category.


FINA may at its sole discretion share all or part of any net benefit gained from the exploitation of the International Marketing Rights with the Series HMF’s/OC’s.

8.2 National Marketing Rights: FINA grants to each HMF/OC the right to exploit the National Marketing Rights to their respective Event and to retain any and all the benefits so gained. The National Marketing Rights include the right to seek and appoint sponsors, sell advertising and other opportunities related to the Event and to receive other benefits and support as follows:

  • Sale of sponsorship rights (excluding any company conflicting with the International Marketing Rights sold by FINA);
  • Grant aid or other support from national/regional/local government and other public institutions;
  • Open race entry fees;
  • Hospitality at the Event;
  • Event ticketing/admissions;
  • Concession sales at the Event venue (gifts, food and beverage etc.);
  • Donations;
  • Sale of an Event programme and advertising in any Event programme; and
  • Sale of merchandising items bearing the Event name/logo (excluding any clothing bearing the Event name/logo)

8.3 Event Title & Logo: The HMF/OC shall only use the Series Event title and Event logo determined by FINA in all its applications, and shall comply with FINA’s guidelines for the use of such title and logo. The HMF/OC shall submit all materials bearing the Series Event title and logo to FINA for its prior approval.

The HMF/OC shall, at its own cost, use the Series Event title and logo in Venue decoration, including backdrops and the like, and in keeping with any FINA guidelines.

8.4 TV Broadcast: Each HMF/OC shall at its own cost and within 3 days of the Event provide FINA with at minimum 10 minutes of TV footage (“TV Footage”) of the Event races, including footage showing an overview of the venue/course, the race starts, competition action, the race finishes, awards ceremonies and interviews with the winners. Such TV Footage shall be of a quality suitable for TV broadcast and provided on a tape format to be agreed with FINA in advance.

The HMF/OC shall provide the basic requirements to allow any Host Broadcaster to undertake its work, including space (for cameras, camera platforms, studios, etc.), TV Compound space, power, parking, etc.

8.5 International TV Rights: FINA retains all rights to exploit the broadcast of the TV Footage in every country worldwide except for the host country of the Event (“International TV Rights”).

FINA may at its sole discretion share all or part of any net benefit gained from the exploitation of the International TV Rights with the Series HMF’s/OC’s.

8.6 National TV Rights: FINA grants to each HMF/OC the right to exploit the broadcast of the TV Footage of their respective Event within the host country only (“National TV Rights”), and to retain any and all the benefits so gained.


9.1 Press Officer: The HMF/OC shall appoint a Press Officer responsible for all Event media and press operations at least 3 months before the Event. The Press Officer should be a professional journalist, a specialist and English-speaking. The duties of the Press Officer are to generate and distribute information before, during and after the Event, ensure optimum press coverage, arrange good working conditions for the accredited media, and prepare a final report after the Event

9.2 FINA Communications Department: The FINA Communications Department is the point of contact for the Event Press Officers for all matters concerning the media planning and preparation of the Event, the diffusion of information and the establishment of the guidelines concerning the Event media facilities. The contact between the Event Press Officers and the FINA Communications Department shall be by e-mail (press@fina.org). The main duties of the FINA Communications Department are:

a) Before the Event:


  • to ensure the correct application of the standards for the set-up of the Event press facilities as described in the FINA Media Guide;
  • to check and approve the accredited media for the Event;
  • to provide historical information about the Event participants;
  • to distribute to the international media and to publish in the FINA official website all relevant information prior to the Event that was received from the local Press Officer.


b) During the Event:

  • ensure the international distribution and update the FINA official website with all the relevant information concerning the competition – results, standings, comments, quotes, information from the National Federations;

c) After the Event: to publish the Event report and results sent by Event Press Officer in FINA publications and on the FINA website

9.3 Press Information Kit: The HMF/OC shall prepare a Press Information Kit giving detailed Event information and distributed at the Press Conferences before the Event, as well as via the Event website. The kit must include:

  • Detailed presentation of Event participants (history, performances, biographies, etc.)
  • Competition formula  Competition schedule  Press Conferences time schedule and place
  • Training facilities of the swimmers
  • Name and contact details of the Event Press Officer and of the FINA Communications Department
  • Referee, Judges and FINA Delegates’ names
  • List of FINA and Series personalities

The Press Information Kit, as well as the Official Programme and daily Press Releases shall be distributed to: FINA representatives on site and the FINA Communications Department, participating National Federations, TV Broadcasters, accredited Media, Sponsors, VIP guests, etc.

9.4 Press Conference: The HMF/OC shall stage a pre-Event Press Conference on the day before the first day of competition, and the HMF shall ensure the participation of at least 1 male and female swimmer and 1 coach from its team, as well as inviting swimmers/coaches from other participating teams to attend. After the competition, athletes will be brought to the press conference room on a requested basis. All team managers and/or National Press Officers should be informed that the presence of their respective athletes may be requested for a Press Conference

9.5 Accreditation: Only professional journalists and photographers may be accredited. In order to be accredited, journalists have to fill and return to the OC a Media Accreditation Form indicating their National or AIPS Press Card number. Holders of a FINA Press Card will be automatically accredited.


10.1 International Travel: FINA will pay for international travel expenses for the designated FINA Delegates including but not limited to the Technical Delegate, Safety Delegate, the Doping Control/Medical Delegate and/or a member of FINA Staff

10.2 Visas: The HMF/OC shall make best efforts with its government regarding entry visas for all Event competitors and team officials from any National FINA Member Federation, as well as for FINA officials and Media attending the Event.

10.3 Local Transportation: The HMF/OC shall welcome all entered swimmers, team officials and FINA Delegates and Officials at the nearest airport/railway station upon arrival, and shall provide appropriate transportation to the official hotels. The HMF shall also provide the return travel arrangements and confirm in advance the departure times from official hotels to the airport/railway station.

The HMF shall provide local transportation between official hotels and training/competition venues (shuttle system) free of charge for the following persons for the duration of the Event and 2 days prior thereto, plus the day after the conclusion of the Event:

  • FINA Officials: up 5 persons (with chauffeured car, if necessary)
  • Judges and Officials
  • Swimmers and team officials

10.4 Equipment Transportation: The HMF/OC shall be responsible for the transport costs of any equipment needed by any FINA Timing Partner at the Event, from the point of entry into the Host Country to the Venue, and for its subsequent return after the Event.


11.1 Swimmers and Coaches: The HMF/OC shall provide accommodation in a minimum 4-star hotel with full-board (3 meals per day of adequate quantity and quality) for a minimum of 5 days for:

  • The first 5 men and the first 5 women classified in the 10km competitions at the previous year’s FINA World Championships / FINA Open Water Swimming World Championships and, if applicable, the previous year’s Olympic Games.
  • The first 5 men and the first 5 women classified from the previous year’s Series.
  • At least one male and one female swimmer from each of the HMF’s of the Series.
  • Up to 20 male/female additional swimmers. In this number shall be included a minimum of 1 swimmer per Federation and 1 appointed representative per participating federation (total 40 people: 20 male/female swimmers and 20 representatives).
  • In case 2 or more Events are organised consecutively within a period of 5 days, the respective HMF’s/OC’s shall collaborate and provide continuous accommodation for any swimmers and official entered in the respective Events.

11.2 FINA Representatives: The HMF/OC shall provide accommodation in a minimum 4-star hotel with full-board (3 meals per day of adequate quantity and quality) for 5 persons designated by FINA for 5 days, including the FINA Technical & Medical Delegates, any Series Managing Director and FINA Press Officer.

11.3 Timing Partner: The HMF/OC shall provide accommodation in a minimum 4-star hotel with full-board (3 meals per day of adequate quantity and quality) for 3 staff of any Timing Partner for 5 days.

11.4 Closing Dinner: A closing ceremony dinner shall be provided free of charge to all participants.


12.1 Each Event: Each OC shall pay US$20’000 in prize money at the Event, equally distributed between men and women, as follows:

1 st US$2’500
2 nd US$2’000
3 rd US$1’500
4 th US$1’200
5 th US$1’000
6 th US$800
7 th US$600
8 th US$400
  • The method of the distribution of the prize money shall be announced to the swimmers at each Event during the Managers/Representatives Meeting.
  • The total amount of the prize money has to be paid to the swimmers without any deductions.
  • In case there are less than 8 finishers within a gender for the race, then all the prize money will be redistributed amongst the finishers.
  • The National Federation of all swimmers winning prize money will inform the HMF as to whether the prize money will be paid to the National Federation or directly to the athlete.

12.2 Additional Awards/Prizes: The HMF/OC may offer additional awards and prizes as it sees fit. Any such awards and prizes should be clearly identified at the Managers/Representatives Meeting at the latest.

12.3 Overall: Each HMF/OC shall pay an annual sum US$10’000 to FINA, no later than 30th November in each year prior to the event, which shall be put towards the overall annual prize money. A minimum amount of US$180’000 shall be paid to the overall prize winners.

The overall annual winners will be decided by the male and female swimmers respectively, who have accumulated the most points at Events in that year, provided that they have participated in a minimum of 70% of Events in that year, including the final Event of the season.

The annual prize money to be awarded for both the Men’s and Women’s Series overall winners is as follows:

1 st US$30’000
2 nd US$20’000
3 rd US$15’000
4 th US$12’000
5 th US$8’000
6 th US$5’000

12.4 Event Cancellation: Should the number of events fall below the minimum number specified in clause 12.3, the overall winners will be decided by the male & female swimmers respectively who have accumulated the most points in 70% of the races conducted, including the final race of the season

12.5 Medals and Trophies/Awards Ceremonies: The medals/trophies shall be provided by the HMF/OC. The presentation of all prizes and medals shall be the sole prerogative of the FINA Technical Delegate.

The flags of the three (3) top placed swimmers shall be flown at the awards ceremonies.

12.6 Winners Trophies: FINA in collaboration with the HMF/OC shall provide a trophy to the overall Men’s and Women’s winners


13.1 Each HMF/OC shall pay the deposit agreed in the staging agreement within 45 (forty-five) working days of execution of this staging agreement


14.1 The HMF shall be responsible for the provision of clothing to the judges, officials and FINA Delegates, to be worn during the Event. Such clothing shall consist at minimum of polo shirts, which shall be white for all judges and officials.

14.2 The HMF shall ensure that any clothing sourced and provided by the HMF to accredited OWS participants (including judges, officials, FINA delegates, volunteers, etc.) shall be branded with the OWS Logo, applied according to FINA guidelines.

The HMF shall ensure that such OWS participants do not wear any clothing that is visibly branded with the name or trademark of any competitor of HOSA, as the OWS Title Sponsor in the sportswear product category. The HMF shall ensure that any offending name or trademark visible on any such clothing, shall be covered with tape.

14.3 FINA will seek to obtain clothing (including polo shirts, T-shirts, trousers and baseball caps) as value– in-kind from HOSA, as the OWS Title Sponsor in the sportswear product category, however the HMF shall be responsible for the costs of any Customs clearance of such VIK products, their transportation from the port of arrival in the host country to the Venue, and any other taxation and expense from the port of arrival.

The HMF shall submit its reasonable needs to FINA in writing in advance as notified by FINA. The HMF shall be responsible for the receipt, storage and distribution of any such clothing provided by the HOSA, as the OWS Title Sponsor in the sportswear product category

14.4 The HMF shall ensure that any clothing provided by HOSA, as the OWS Title Sponsor in the sportswear product category is worn at all times during the competition by those provided the clothing

14.5 The HMF may at its own cost, print additional logos of its event sponsors on any clothing provided by HOSA, as the OWS Title Sponsor in the sportswear product category, however the layout and size of any such additional printing shall be subject to the prior approval of FINA, and shall respect FINA guidelines and FINA Rules

14.6 The merchandising rights to all clothing and swimwear items are strictly reserved by FINA and exclusively granted to HOSA as the OWS Title Sponsor in the sportswear and swimwear product category. The HMF shall not produce any clothing items for sale without the explicit prior permission of FINA.


Contract to be signed and returned to the FINA Office. NF/OC payment to FINA of deposit as agreed in the contract within forty-five (45) working days of execution of the contract by FINA As per FINA Office instructions
Payment of 10,000 USD Registration fee 30th November of each year
Send Information Bulletin including Prize Money Distribution List to FINA Office for approval At least 14 weeks prior to race
Once Information Bulletin is approved send it to all federations At least 12 weeks prior to the race
Closing date of Preliminary Entries 6 weeks prior to race
Notification of acceptance for event 5 weeks prior to competition
Notification to FINA Office what kind of Doping Kit will be used 4 weeks prior to competition
Notification of details of coach 4 weeks prior to competition
Closing date of Final Entries 2 weeks prior to event
Certificate of Insurance 2 weeks prior to event
Certificate of Insurance 2 weeks prior to event
Send List of participating swimmers to FINA Office 1 week prior to event
Send results to FINA Office Immediately after the race
Send FINA Flag back to the FINA Office After the race