Duna Arena

Budapest’s new wonder, the Duna Arena  is going to be the main venue of the 2017 FINA World Championships. Its ongoing construction is already considered a huge achievement, as it’s to be completed in less than two years, a record-breaking time.

The complex features two Olympic-size pools – the competition pool is 3m deep, while the depth of the warm-up pool can be set, according to need and by involving temporary but indoor stands it can accommodate more than 15,000 spectators as well as, cater to all demands of any large-scale event. Applying the latest developments in all areas, this magnificent building shall become a great home of each aquatic discipline and can host a series of international events.  Even though it’s going to offer 5,000 seats in legacy mode, it can be re-enlarged within months if another major showcase visits the city.

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Alfred Hajós Swimming Complex, Margaret Island

Named after its architect, Alfred Hajós, the first Olympic champion of Hungary – as well as in swimming history –, this outstanding pool complex witnessed a series of major international competitions in the past.

Its main building was constructed within seven months back in 1930 – a speed copied by the builders of the brand new swimming venue – and upon the occasion of a big championship, outdoor pools were added in different periods.

A 50m pool was built in 1937 when Budapest staged a water polo tournament featuring the six best teams of those times (a kind of World Cup). In 1958 a 33m pool and a diving tower were created when the European Championships visited the capital for the second time after 1926. The latest editions were made in 2006, when an Olympic-size outdoor pool and a brand new diving facility were constructed.

Generations of legendary water polo players were trained here, conquering the world by clinching a record 9 Olympic titles. A real utopia for aquatics, offering a full range of facilities, warm-up and training – even foreign players label the Margaret Island as the Mecca of this sport. The extended tribunes will hold 7,000 seats in 2017 that will surely be filled each evening.

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Heroes Square, City Park - Városliget Ice rink

Synchronised swimming will be held by Heroes Square (Hősök tere), the iconic UNESCO World Heritage site which is located adjacent to the City Park ice rink. The world will be able to take in some astonishing sights of the Hungarian capital while following the competition of the 2017 Championships.

With the giant sculpture-pantheon, the two classical museum-buildings and the Vajdahunyad Castle located in or close by around the square, the temporary pools will be set up in a fantastic location. The combination of the site, with the amazing routines of the world’s best synchronised swimmers, this location promises a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone.

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Batthyányi Square, River Danube

While more and more people discover FINA’s newest discipline and watch these outstanding athletes diving from 27m and 20m, the hosts are trying to offer more unique locations – whenever the event is held in a city, the site is chosen to show spectators the most amazing views, besides the brilliant dives.

Budapest will not disappoint from this perspective either. Having the 27m and 6m pools be temporary staged will be new experience for Budapest. The pools will be set up by Batthányi Square, alongside the River Danube – just across the bank to Budapest’s most breathtaking sight, the mighty Parliament building. Add the venue by Castle Hill above this with two of the most beautiful bridges guarding its sides, we can truly guarantee a breathtaking location for the event.

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Balatonfüred, Lake Balaton

A true paradise for the open water swimmers, Lake Balaton is a well-tested venue for major aquatic events. Home of the European Championships, Marathon Swimming World Cups and FINA Junior World Championships, Balatonfüred has proved to be a worthy host in recent years.

The course is located close to the lakeside where the main promenade offers a brilliant view of the race, for tens of thousands spectators.

In mid-July Central Europe’s largest fresh-water lake will be a comfortably warm and safe environment for participants to race in.

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