Dean Bauer, FINA Press Correspondent in Croatia

Game 62, 17:00, places 7-8, Australia – Russia, 8-9
Quarters: 3-0, 5-3, 0-2, 0-4
Referees: George Polychronopoulos (Greece) and Petar Abramovic (Montenegro)

AUSTRALIA: Damian Williams, Christian Kyriakou 1 , Charles Negus, Nicholas Elphick, Timothy Putt, Lachalan Vos 3, Lucas Mackaway 4, Chaz Poot, Jed Thompson,  Jack Marshall, Nicholas Porter.
Coach: Andrei Kovalenko
RUSSIA: Vladimir Andreev, Bogdan Melentev 1, Oleg Kucherenko 1, Emil Zinnurov 2, Kirill Semenov, Danill Pronin 1, Farkhad Salimov 2, Konstantin Sheikin 1, Nikita Krug 1, Timur Shaikhutdinov, Dmitrii Trusov.
Coach: Alexander Eryshov
Australia:  0 for 2
Russia: 0 for 4

Australia:  -
Russia: 1 for 1

An amazing overturn of the situation in the match for seventh place made by the team of Russia. After the first two periods, Australians had a lead of 8-3, but in the last two quarters the Aussies didn’t score a single goal! On the contrary, Russia scored six in a row for the victory and the 7th place number of this World Championships.


Game 63, 18:20, places 5-6, Greece – Serbia, 19-22
Quarters: 4-7, 5-5, 6-5, 5-6
Referees: Diego Garibaldi (Argentina) and Haldun Toygarli (Turkey)

GREECE: Adamanttios Mantis,  Konstantinos Chondrokolikis, Nikolaos Gardikas 2, Konastantinos Kakaris, Dimitrios Nikolaidis 3, Alexandros Papanastrasiou 1, Grigorios Giannopoulos 8, Nikolaos Delagrammatikas 1, Konstantinos Gkiouvetsis 4, Nikolaos Papasifakis, Dimitrios Kourouvanis.
Coach: Theodoros Chatzitheodorou
SERBIA: Stefan Todorovski,  Aleksandar Mirkovic, Vladan Mitrovic, Nikola Lukic 3, Luka Bosic 6, Petar Velikic 1, Lazar Vickovic 1, Petar Tomic 3, Marko Jankovic 6, Kristijan Sulc 2, Milan Bulajic.
Coach: Zoran Milenkovic
Greece: 5  for 11
Serbia: 3 for 11

Greece: 2 for 2
Serbia:  -

In the match for fifth place, Serbia won Greece by a three-goal difference. The match was similar to the semi-final duel between Croatia and Hungary, when both teams played almost without defence. Serbian and Greek players even surpassed Croats and Hungarians as they played the most efficient match of the World Championship. In 32 minutes they scored an impressive total of 41 goals!


Game 64, 19:40, bronze medal match, Hungary – Italy, 12-8
Quarters: 2-1, 2-1, 5-4, 3-2
Referees: Joan Colominas (Spain) and Vladimir Golikov (Russia)

HUNGARY: Gabor Leposa, Larand Zernvary, Benedek Baksa 1, Viktor Vadovics 4, Abel Lukacs, Peter Sugar, Gergo Fekete 2, Andras Teleki, Adam Nagy 2, Gergely Burian 3, Marc Banyai.
Coach: Gyorgy Horkai
ITALY: Gianmaco Nicosia, Gaetano Baviera, Filippo Gavazzi, Alessio Navarra, Mario Guidi, Antonio Maccioni 3, Federico Piombo 1, Eddardo Manzi, Ettore Novara, Massimo Di Martire 4, Francesco De Michelis.
Coach: Cosimino Di Cecca.
Hungary:  3 for 7
Italy:  0 for 7

Hungary:  1 for 1
Italy:  -
Hungary was a much better team and deserved the victory by 12-8 over the young Settebello squad. From the start of the match, Hungarians dictated their own rhythm and kept the game in their hands. From the Italian side, its players didn't seem so motivated to get the bronze medal, so Hungary triumphed on a much easier way than expected.
"We were hoping to get to the final and fight for gold, but this is also a great result and a great success. I congratulate my players on a fantastic match, deserved victory and on this bronze medal," said Hungarian coach Gyorgy Horkai after the match.
The Italians were not at the same level as against Serbia in quarter-finals and Montenegro in semi-finals. "We were down, we had tough matches earlier in the tournament, so we did not have enough energy to stand this evening's opponent, the very good team of Hungary," considered the best Italian player in the bronze medal match,  Massimo Di Martire.


Game 65, 21:00, gold medal match, Croatia – Montenegro, 16-13
Quarters: 2-2, 7-5, 2-4, 5-2
Referees: Balazs Szekely (Hungary) and Alberto Rovida (Italy)

CROATIA: Luka Podrug, Branimir Herceg, Karlo Krekovic, Marko Valecic 2, Zvonimir Butic 2, Jacob Mercep 3, Duje Pejkovic, Franko Lazic 1, Lovro Paparic 5, Matias Biljaka 3, Petar Bratim.
Coach: Josko Krekovic
MONTENEGRO: Petar Tesanovic, Branko Franeta, Savo Cetkovic, Nicolas Saveljic 2, Dusan Matkovic, Danilo Dragovic 2, Aleksa Ukropina 3, Petar Mijuskovic 1, Djuro Radovic 2, Dusan Banicevic, Milos Krivokapis.
Coach: Veljko Uskokovic.
Croatia: 4 for 9
Montenegro: 4 for 14

Croatia:  -
Montenegro: 3 for 3
Croatia is the new water polo youth World champion! The Croatian team deservedly won the gold medal match against home team of Montenegro, in front of 2.000 spectators, by 16:13. Both squads showed a very good and interesting water polo level, in an excellent spirit of fair-play. Montenegro started the encounter on a very strong way, taking an initial 2-0 lead. Meanwhile, the best Croatian scorer Duje Pejkovic had already two personal fouls after only five minutes from the start. However, the Croats managed to equalise at the end of the first period and scored one more goal at the begining of the second, for a tangential advantage of 3-2. From that moment on, until the last quarter, there was a big sport fight in water, in which both teams have alternated in the lead. After the third quarter, the result was tied (11-11). The final was decided at the beginning of the last period. In less than three minutes, Croatia achieved three goals, for a comfortable lead of 14-11. Even then, home team did not give it up. In four minutes, Montenegro scored twice (14-13), but they didn't have strength enough to completely overturn the result. The decisive moment was at 3:52 minutes before the end when Zvonimir Butic scored a goal for 15-13. It was a long-distance shot, with the ball hitting someone in the head and changing direction. With 2:27 minutes to the end, Lovro Paparic scored an action shot from two metres - 16:13!
"I congratulate Croatia on their victory and on winning the gold medal. We believed we could be the new champions, but we did not have enough tranquility in the final moments to take advantage of our chances. What concerns us is the man-up opportunities. Tonight, it wasn't good and Croatia knew how to use it and get to the victory," said the captain of Montenegro national team, and scorer of three goals in the final, Aleksa Ukropina.
"Maybe this will somehow seem a little strange, but we have achieved what we were looking for in Podgorica. Our goal from the start was the gold medal and I talked about that all the time. Congratulations to my players for the deserved title, which is the crown of our two years of work," considered after the decisive game, Josko Krekovic, Croatian national team Head coach.



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7. Russia
8. Australia
9. Spain
10. USA
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