Zhou Xin, FINA Media Committee Member

With victories in the thematic duet and free combination on Day 2, host China blitzed to win all four titles at stake in Beijing, China at the ninth edition of the FINA Synchronised World Trophy, held on December 13-14, 2014. This is the third title at this event for the Asian synchro powerhouse. At Yingdong swimming complex, local duet Li Ang / Ma Shuang delivered a powerful routine on "Beautiful Girls", scoring 95.3330 points. Russian sisters Anastasia and Daria Bayandina finished second with 91.8335 points while Mexican duet Delgado Blanca / Diosdado Nuria took third with 89.8335 points.

In the free combination, the Chinese team finished on top with a total 96.3335 points. The Russian and Spanish teams took silver and bronze, respectively, with 95.1665 and 92.8335.

"It shows the persistence and softness of women in a modern society. It's what we did to claim the title at the National Games last year, and we added new elements to it," said Yu Lele, Chinese synchro swimmer.

For Silvia Hernandez Mendizabal, Spain's coach, the use of accessories makes synchronised swimming more creative and attractive.

"We performed very well today with the accessories. I like the World Trophy better than other events because it is more creative and impressive. It took us a lot of time to build our theme and routines. I am proud that my girls have the artistic elements deep in their blood," said Mendizabal with a smile.

Duet competition - photo: Tao Xiyi

Overall, China ranked first with a total 382.6665 points. Russia finished second with 370.8335 while the third place went to Canada with a total score of 362.8335.

The two-day event featured four competition events and attracted elite synchro swimmers from Canada, China, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain and Ukraine.